Alexa Ginsburg

Making artful toys and playful art is where I find myself. With a degree in fine art from Cooper Union and a former life as a graphic designer and children's book illustrator it's the place I'm most at home. My creations live in a realm of delight in color and form—a world that's both imaginary and whimsical.


My wearable art- scarves and shawls, cowls and collars are inspired by natural forms and rhythms with an elegant flair. My eco-friendly soft sculpture wool animals and puppets are inspired by living creatures and the variations, patterns, and hues of the natural world but are not representational. I seek to distill spirit and essence into form and line, expressed through the language of color and play.  

Felt-making is an ancient art, earthy and meditative.The process I use involves building up layers of wool fiber on a resist pattern. The fibers are then saturated with soapy water and agitated by rolling in a textured mat many hundreds of times until the loose wool becomes a soft but strong, resilient textile. 

I fell in love with the feel of soft wool in my hands and the possibility of molding it into whatever I could imagine the first time I took a felting workshop more than a decade ago. I haven't stopped, developing my own style and technique in the process.

Welcome to my world!

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