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Alexa Ginsburg

Growing up in a family of artists in New York City,  I was always encouraged to be an artist, but it took many years before I discovered the form that would take.


I first became interested in textiles while working with weavers and dyers in the Middle East and later discovered my love for feltmaking at my first feltmaking workshop. I was immediately captivated by the vibrant colors, textures and forms that I could create by immersing my hands in wool and soapy water.


The colors, patterns and forms of nature have always been a source of my inspiration. The techniques I use are based on traditional feltmaking as well as contemporary methods incorporating wool, silk, viscose, and other fibers with silk fabric.


I have a degree in fine art from Cooper Union and a former life as a graphic designer and children's book illustrator. Now I make artful toys and elegant wearable art from my studio in Gardiner NY. I’m a member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild and International Feltmakers Association and sell my work online and at select shows in the Hudson Valley.

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